Get Involved - Join a Committee!

Joining a committee allows you the opportunity to have others see first hand, your defining skills. 

  • Need to connect?  Need to get out in the WS business community?  The Ambassadors or the Membership Committee will get you connected.
  • Marketing your niche?  Show others your ability to think out of the box with focus on a message, a brand.  Join the Marketing Committee.
  • Creativity, planning and implementation your skills?  The big events produced by the Special Events Committee have the spotlight to showcase these skills.  
  • Demonstrate financial oversight and advice?  These are skills best demonstrated through case study.  The Chamber financial activity is the case study for the Finance Committee.
  • Will knowing the details make a difference?  Help develop our voice.  Government Affairs Committee provides you the opportunity to dig deep in matters of the WS community.

Interested in joining a WSCC Committee?  Email Julia Jordan -


Rik Keller headshotGovernment Advocacy

Chair:  Rik Keller, Keller Williams

Define and advocate the Chamber’s position on state and local government’s legislative, regulatory and policy matters in the interest of our members.  Facilitate opportunities for members to have contact with their elected officials.  Inform and educate our members on issues that could potentially affect their interests. 

                     Keep up-to-date with Government Affairs Committee activity - click here!                      


 AmyLee-Derenthal_HS 160x200Ambassadors

Co-Chair:  Amy Lee Derenthal, Food Lifeline



LaurenBurgon 160x200


Co-Chair:  Lauren Burgon, Law Office of Lauren Burgon



Desire to connect with West Seattle business leaders?  The Ambassador Committee focuses on maintaining and growing Chamber membership and involvement.  This falls into several broad categories:  welcoming new members and introducing them to the WSCC, communicating with current members to insure the Chamber remains relevant and following up on inquiries and bringing new members into the Chamber.  

 Communication - Social Media, Web Site, eNewsletter and eMail Blasts
 Chair:  Julia Jordan, WSCC

This committee will:  1) Enhance the use of all WS Chamber communication channels.  2) Focus on the formatting, delivery and content will create a more effective delivery of information to the membership.  3) Rebrand the Community Resource Guide to include the story of the Chamber, its members and the community.  4) Expand digitally on the Chamber website.


 Chair:  Hamilton Gardiner, Holmquist & Gardiner PLLC

Demonstrate your financial knowledge.  Provide oversight of the WSCC financial management and activities, review monthly financial activity, propose and monitor budget and advise the Board of Directors on financial matters.

Kailei_Feeney HeadshotInfo Now!
Chair:  Kailei Feeney

This committee focuses on data gathering.  Determine appropriate means to obtain information (i.e. surveys, focus groups), development questions, review results and how best to present to membership.  This does not include creating the information gathering vehicle or summarizing of results.  


Chair:  Paul Prentice, Prentice Design LLC

The success of the Chamber results in expanded visibility for membership.  The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to encourage membership through 1) Publicizing activities 2) Spotlighting accomplishments 3) Broadcasting value and 4) Increasing awareness of the Chamber. This year’s hot topics include revising our Social media program and our annual publication, “The Guide” and directing where the “Blue Shirt Team” will be seen next. Committee meets monthly for an hour— Join the fun!    

Tamara Gillest 160x200Program
Chair:  Tamara Gillest

Demonstrate your creativity and ability to target education that meets the needs of the membership.  Brainstorm ideas for topics and speakers to be used at luncheons, workshops and social media.  Assist in acquiring speakers.  Participate in discussion of new programs. 

Mary Jean colorSpecial Events  
Chair:  Mary Jean Stephens

Work with a great team that produces well-attended revenue generating events each year which give our members the opportunity to network, promote themselves and make connections.   Join the fun!