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WinnComm, LLC

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We take your dream to heart. We want to see your company grow as much as you do. That is why we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals using creativity, expertise, and experience to take your business to a different level. However, we are not your simple fly-by-night Seattle SEO, public relations or business development agency. We believe in long-term commitment, determination, and success.

We believe in our strategies but we do not falsely promise overnight results. Our team is well-versed in assisting startups and helping established companies identify new goals of growth. You'll love working with us, side-by-side because it's never a dull moment in this changing online and offline marketing world we live in. Whatever your dream is, we will assist you every step of the way ensuring your business goals become a reality.

PR Crisis Plan Needed: Employees' Lives are Messy - Jan 26, 2019

PR Crisis Plan Needed: Employees' Lives are Messy

Eight Chambers of Commerce, Two Non-Profits and One Coffee House Join the Jag Framework - Feb 17, 2019

JagSuite family of solutions developed by WinnComm, LLC. The Jag platform is an all-in-one custom enterprise (ERP) SaaS solution that incorporates membership and events management, QuickBooks integration, email marketing and more

Marketing/Business Development Manager Posted on - Jan 26, 2019

We're hiring for a part-time, commission-based marketing and business development manager.

Name Title Phone Bio
Sharon Couts Founding Partner (253) 293-9551
Harpreet Singh Partner (253) 293-9551
Jim Couts Founding Partner (253) 293-9551
Julia Jordan Partner of JagSuite (253) 293-9551

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