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    West Seattle is Seattle’s most desirable neighborhood.  Travel by land or enjoy the 15 minute Water Taxi ride. Whether you come for the day or for a lifetime, we welcome you to West Seattle.

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    Connect to a thriving economy. 
    West Seattle businesses range from heavy manufacturing to home office professionals including non-profits, national retailers, and a vast array of family owned businesses. 
    We have it all in West Seattle!

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    West Seattle is an urban gem, home to some of the city’s most beautiful parks and spectacular views.

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     West Seattleites love to take people of all ages on an adventure back in time at our many historical landmarks.

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    The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce networking opportunities enable you to increase your contacts and build your network to include referrals and advocates, campaigners for your business.

WSCC Featured Events


If you missed the
2016 Annual Meeting of the WSCC,
check out the coverage
by the West Seattle Blog.

To Market Your Business
"I Joined the chamber to build business relationships. As an insurance broker and financial advisor, I am always marketing my business through networking." 

Don Bazemore
Independent Agent,
Cornerstone Financial Group

Welcome New Members!

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SPECIAL FEATURE                              How can you promote your business?

Joining a committee allows you the opportunity to have others see first hand, your defining skills


  • Need to connect?  Need to get out in the WS business community?  The Ambassadors or the Membership Committee will get you connected.

  • Marketing your niche?  Show others your ability to think out of the box with focus on a message, a brand.  Join the Marketing Committee.

  • Creativity, planning and implementation your skills?  The big events produced by the Special Events Committee have the spotlight to showcase these skills.  

  • Demonstrate financial oversight and advice?  These are skills best demonstrated through case study.  The Chamber financial activity is the case study for the Finance Committee.

  • Will knowing the details make a difference?  Help develop our voice.  Government Affairs Committee provides you the opportunity to dig deep in matters of the WS community. 

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                                           Finance Committee
                                           Provide oversight of the WSCC 
                                           financial management and 
                                           activities and advise the 
                                           Board of Directors on financial Nancy Woodland_copy
                                                            Nancy Woodland
                                           Westside Baby
Government Affairs
Define and advocate the Chamber's position on state and local government's legislative, regulatory and policy matters in the interest of our members.  

Pete SpaldingChair- Pete Spalding
Verity Credit Union

Membership Committee
Learn who's who in the WS business community.  Develop relationships.  Together, you will talk with companies about the value of a West Seattle Chamber membership. 
Elaine Chan HeadshotChair- Elaine Chan
FIOH Investments 

Ambassador Committee
Connect with other members of the WSCC, welcoming and helping them understand the benefits their business will experience as a member of the West Seattle Chamber.

Chair- Michael Pivar Pivar
Cornerstone Financial 
Special Events Committee
Work with a great team producing 3 revenue generating events which give our members networking, promotional and connecting opportunities. 

Chair-Mary Jean color
Mary Jean Stephens
Port of Seattle
Marketing Committee
Enhance the image of the Chamber through strategic branding, maximizing its ability to communicate its message to the membership, community and governmental entities.

Chair- Shannon Felix  Felix
Avalon Glassworks

Your Chamber, Your Leading Advocate!

The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce is the leading advocate for the business community spanning the Greater West Seattle Peninsula. 

Together we...
  • promote sustainable economic growth of a diverse, viable business community
  • build strong relationships, networks and resources
  • highlight and take pride in the beauty of our area
  • strengthen and connect the position of the community as a whole