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About Us



Be the leading advocate for the West Seattle business community through building strong inter-organizational and public-private relationships, networks and resources.


Sustainable economic growth of a diverse, viable business community on the Greater West Seattle Peninsula.

We Stand Stronger Together

Message of Solidarity 

The West Seattle Chamber stands in solidarity with our Black and Brown neighbors. The recent police violence against Black Americans is only the latest in America’s shameful history of racism and oppression. We will no longer continue to avert our eyes and cover our ears as you cry out for change. We hear you. We march with you. We support you.


We call upon our West Seattle Community to take a stand with us. We cannot continue as we have done before.  We must open our eyes, our ears, and our hearts and confront our country’s institutional racism and brutality. We must actively engage our Black and Brown neighbors and support them in meaningful and substantive ways. Silence is complicity, and we can be silent no longer.


We must unite to change our country for the better and it starts here in our community. We urge all our neighbors to take visible, vocal, and meaningful steps to change our community for the better.


For human rights. For justice. For our future.