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WSCC Government Advocacy Committee 

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The Government Advocacy Committee’s (GAC) purpose is to support local West Seattle businesses with legislative challenges and opportunities

Objectives ∙

  • Define and advocate the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s (WSCC) position on state and local governments’ legislative, regulatory, and policy matters in the interest of our members.
  • Facilitate opportunities for members to have contact with their elected representatives.
  • Inform and educate our members on issues that could potentially affect their interests.
  • To be influential with local and state representatives on business issues

GAC Does Not

  • Engage in any activity that is inconsistent with the WSCC bylaws.
  • Represent the interests of any individual member or outside entity.

Membership Requirements ∙

  • Open to all active members of the Chamber

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Achievement of goals laid out in WSCC strategic plan ∙
  • At a minimum, four face-to-face WSCC member education events per year ∙
  • Monthly electronic WSCC member education communications

Key Roles & Responsibilities Chair(s) ∙

  • Provides overall leadership for the Committee and is accountable for: ∙
  • Achieving the committee’s objectives and KPI’s ∙
  • Serving as the primary contact for the WSCC Executive Director and Board Members ∙
  • Leading committee meetings ∙Delegating and maintaining effective committee roles and responsibilities
  • Grooming and mentoring successors