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Giving Your Business a Voice in Our Community

  • An informed voice is a powerful tool when addressing an issue. We’ve established and now nurture key relationships with local elected officials and others through the City of Seattle departments. Whether you choose to get involved or prefer to take a low-key approach, the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce presents a unified front on issues.
  • The Chamber chooses relevant programming to educates members at monthly networking luncheons. We selectively invite experts on specific topics, panels on all sides of issues and open a dialog.
  • Through the Government Affairs Committee and our Luncheon with LEO (Locally Elected Officials), you can choose to engage and network at a high level with elected officials, decision makers and key public officials on topics that are important to you, or that impact your business.
  • The WSCC nurtures our long-standing relationship with the City of Seattle. WSCC members are often included in strategic planning for our community.
  • A solid direct line of communication exists between the Chamber and City of Seattle departments. This enables the Chamber to assist businesses in resolving challenges they may face when going through standard city processes. We are your partner and you don’t have to do it alone.